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5 Ways To Be Productive, After You Stuff Your Face With Turkey

Thanksgiving is time of gratefulness, fond memories, turkey, turkey and more turkey! With all that tryptophan running through your system it’s easy to slide right into a month long holiday food coma and lose some of your drive. Never fear, we have 5 ways for you to be productive this holiday season to help you get your moxy back!


Get Ahead!

Start fulfilling your New Years resolution now. Don’t wait until 2013 to start making changes that benefit your life. Just think how far ahead of the curve you will be in January when everyone else is just arriving at the starting line.


That’s right, we said shop! Get all that tedious holiday shopping out of the way and wrap those presents up ASAP. Now you have the rest of the holiday season to actually breath in the holiday atmosphere, drink eggnog and spread cheer.  Sounds much more pleasant than brawling your way through frenzied holiday shoppers all month long, right? 


Exercising your brain by reading a new book. Try even taking it a step further by expanding your own industry knowledge by reading a career development book. After all “ an investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and who are we to argue with Benjamin Franklin.

For budding fashion PR professionals, we suggest Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. This book is available at: http://bit.ly/ScELX7


Although it may sound completely anti-productive, it is amazing what good sleep can do for you. Improved memory, increased creativity, enhanced mood, sharper attention span, weight loss, lower stress, and even living a bit longer are just a few benefits to getting some good rest. Use this 4-day holiday weekend to jumpstart a healthier and happier life.


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These 5 productive tips will give you just the edge you need to keep your motivation fueled and aspirations flying through this holiday season. Who says you can’t have your cake… or turkey, and eat it too? 

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